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Bee Pollen - Lee's Bees and Lees' Bees ( wants you to know all about bee pollen use. Information such as where it originated, how it is created, what it is used for, how it can benefit you, and where you can find it! Your beeswax candle gift set has a sample of our fresh bee pollen included! It all started with those infamous Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks. Cleopatra was known to use bee products to enhance her beauty. Royal families of Rome were known to add it to their diets to increase longevity and youth. Jewish soldiers and wondering nomads thousands of years before Jesus were reported as eating it in the dessert to support them and give them energy. According to some research, many wondering tribes that regularly used bee pollen have been known to lead extremely long, productive lives, some even past 100 years of age.

Just recently in the 1900's scientists, doctors, and physicians have begun to understand all the benefits of this wonderful, natural, whole food. It contains all the essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and more. Bee pollen use reaches into our lives with its arms open. By using it we can boost our immune system, naturally balance our endocrine system, boost our energy, and support anti-aging. Should you have the need for extra Bee Pollen you can find it fresh and ready and on sale at!

One of the bee pollen recipes is a drink called Strawberry-Banana Wheat Wonder that is a blend of milk and fruit with some special additives that makes the difference from an average drink to a pure taste delight drink packing more energy for you. The ingredients include two cups of whole milk, one banana, one egg, three strawberries, one tablespoon of colloidal minerals, a teaspoon of bee granules, one tablespoon of acidophilus, half cup raw wheat germ, ten drops of pure orange oil, a half teaspoon rose water and finally, one scoop of vanilla powder. Just blend all the ingredients until smooth.

Bee Pollen Smoothie - Cut one apple, one banana, and one carrot into chunks. Place them in a blender. Add a cup of ice. Add 1 tablespoon of bee pollen. Mix until thick and smooth.

Bee Pollen Spinach Salad - Place the following ingredients into a bowl: - 4 cups fresh baby spinach - ¼ cup red onion, chopped - 6 cherry tomatoes, sliced in half - 2 bell peppers, sliced - Add 1 tablespoon of bee pollen to your dressing, toss, and serve.

Green "Bee n" Pollen Casserole - Place the following ingredients in a casserole dish: - 1 can cream of mushroom soup - 4 cups green beans, cooked - ½ cup low fat milk - 2 tablespoons of bee pollen - Mix the ingredients. Stir and place casserole in the oven. Bake at 350 degrees for approximately 30 minutes. Remove and serve.

Here are a few more tips: - Add bee pollen to a dish of ice cream .- Place bee pollen onto a piece of tin foil then take a peeled banana and roll it in the bee pollen. Yum! - Add a tablespoon of bee pollen to breakfast cereal. - Add bee pollen to beef dishes, salsa, home-made salad dressings, and sandwiches.

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Beeswax Lantern Candle - Handcrafted!
Beeswax Lantern Candle - Handcrafted!
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