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Lee's Bees is a national supplier of pure beeswax as well as our famous beeswax lip balms and candles. All of our beeswax is fresh from domestic bee farmers and most of it is direct from our hone state of Florida. Buy our natural beeswax on sale today. So exactly is beeswax made you ask? It all begins on a flower in the field. Bees collect nectar from the flowers and bring it to the hive where it becomes either beeswax or honey. A bee's diet consists primarily of honey, and any honey not consumed by the bees or in the raising of brood is stored as surplus and is ultimately consumed in the winter months when no flowers are available. It is the other use of honey that is of interest to us here: the conversion into beeswax.


The beekeepers take a break in the beeyard. They are adding fresh boxes of honeycomb on the beehives. The blossoms generally open about the 20th of April in the Florida panhande. It is an event that even gets the most seasoned old timer in a frenzy of excitement as the time to collect the tupelo honey draws near. Beekeepers will spend hours talking about the signs of the impending Tupelo flower bloom, like the Kite-tailed hawk appearing, or the pecan blooms developing.

We set our honeybees along the creeks and rivers where the floodwaters leave the banks and keep the roots of the Tupelo trees wet. Tupelo thrives along the Chipola, Appalachicola, and Choctahatchee River systems and produces the pollen that the bees use to make Tupelo honey.

The honeycombs to into the round spinners, or honey extractors that are in the background of this picture. Before the combs go into the centrifigal spinner, we remove the beeswax cappings, or coverings. All the honey and besswax is stored until we put it into bottles or make into beeswax slabs.

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Beeswax Lantern Candle - Handcrafted!
Beeswax Lantern Candle - Handcrafted!
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